I trained in teaching at Bangor Normal College in North Wales and started teaching in 1979.
My first teaching job was at Richard Hale School in Hertfordshire, where I taught Ceramics & Sculpture to A’ Level. I moved into Special Education at Danesbury C.H.E. and then later moved to Hitchin Boys School, Hertfordshire. During this time I was teaching Ceramics and Art and while working for Hertfordshire LEA  I was supported to train in a new subject called Craft Design & Technology, at Middlesex Polytechnic. CDT later developed into Design & Technology and this enabled me to continue to be involved in teaching Design Based Education, although with a very different skill set.
I moved to work in Cornwall 1987 as CDT teacher and worked at Launceston College until 1998. I moved at this point to take up a leadership role at Helston School, running the largest Design Technology department in Cornwall and later managed both the D&T and Vocational training curriculum.
I retired from teaching at Helston School in July 2014 after a career spanning 35 years teaching Design & Technology.  I had always wanted to explore the world of ceramics and had not touched a piece of clay for nearly 30 years, but soon after retiring I visited some working pottery studios in West Cornwall as part of ‘Open Studios’ this inspired me to rekindle my lifelong interest in ceramics.
I set up my studio at home in Fowey and took part in ‘Open Studios’ for the first time in May 2015.
I have continued to develop my work and experiment with different ways of working with clay. I am about to start working with Raku firing techniques using local clay from St Agnes in Cornwall.

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